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5 Awesome Essential Oils That Can Give You Beautiful Skin

It’s no secret how beneficial essential oils are. In addition to the health benefits they offer, they also make a great natural beauty solution to a number of skin concerns. They can treat acne, soothe dry skin and even slow down the signs of skin aging. If you are still not buying the idea, here’s […]

New state data shows organic now in the kitchens of over 80 percent of U.S. households

OTA releases state-by-state data showing more households – urban and rural — choosing organicMaggie 403-8514Alt Phone: (202) 615-7997 Washington , DC US  (March 23, 2017) — As former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue begins his confirmation process to become the next Secretary of Agriculture, new Nielsen findings released by the Organic Trade Association (OTA) on Thursday show […]

Alt. Cancer Doctor Burzynski Wins in Texas Court

A Texas Court ruled in a 3-year long case regarding Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski on accusations of misleading patients and being a threat to public health. Prosecution was seeking $360,000 in damages, restitution to a patient, and public reprimanding with the ability to strip Dr. Burzynski of his Medical License. The court ruled that a $60,000 fine […]

Pomegranate: Antioxidant-Rich Superfood

Pomegranate trees produce some of the most-enigmatic fruits in the world. A Pomegranate holds a bountiful collection of antioxidants and phytochemicals renowned for their many health benefits. Pomegranate juice has been found to help fight cancer, help stabilize cholesterol, and to even fight dental plaque. Many pomegranate juices and products aren’t what they claim to […]

Protein Bars: How to Find Quality Nutrition Products

Protein bars are a great way to help ensure proper nutrition when on the go. Our modern aspirations and traveling abilities have far outstretched the reach of our evolutionary body, and to survive in modern times we often need to rely on modern means. Protein is one of our most essential nutrients, and protein bars […]

Organic science celebrated at sold-out fundraiser for The Organic Center

Annual dinner raises just over $400,000 to support organic research projectsMaggie 403-8514Alt Phone: (202) 615-7997 Washington , DC US  (March 10, 2017) — WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 10, 2017) – Stimulating conversation, scrumptious food, a sparkling mix of guests: the combination for a perfect dinner party and – in the case of The Organic Center’s 14th  Annual Benefit […]

Colostrum: Immune Boosting Powerhouse

Colostrum is a special nutrient-dense type of milk that is produced by many mammals directly after child birth. This ‘mother’s first milk‘ type of breast milk is regarded as being the seed of the immune system and growth in many aspects. Baby’s are naturally exposed to Colostrum when breast-feeding, and in animals have been known […]

U.S. organic perspectives play intricate part at world’s largest organic trade fair

Organic Trade Association facilitates international trade opportunities for U.S. organic companiesMaggie 403-8514Alt Phone: (202) 615-7997 Washington , DC US  (March 2, 2017) — Organic agriculture worldwide continues to set new records, with global sales reaching more than 80 billion U.S. dollars a year and the United States still leading as the largest organic market, attendees learned […]

Organic Trade Association takes pulse of organic to shape gear-up to Farm Bill

Organic stakeholders throughout the country spell out top prioritiesMaggie 403-8514Alt Phone: (202) 615-7997 Washington , DC US  (February 27, 2017) — More than 500 organic stakeholders across 45 states weighed in on issues they see as critical to the organic sector as part of a comprehensive farm bill survey conducted by the Organic Trade Association (OTA) […]

Matcha: Super Powered Powder With Benefits

Matcha is special form of green tea made from Camellia sinensis plants that have been harvested in a unique way which helps increase natural levels of caffeine and l-theanine. Matcha has origins in traditional Chinese culture, though it has become popular on a global scale today—even Starbucks has a match latte now! Matcha tea is different […]