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NOP compliant microorganisms scheduled to expire in 2016
Posted 272 days ago
NOP compliant microorganisms scheduled to exp…
Mark your calendar for Aug. 19 residue sampling webinar
Posted 272 days ago
Mark your calendar for Aug. 19 residue sampli…
July edition of The Organic Scoop now available
Posted 272 days ago
July edition of The Organic Scoop now availab…

Be part of Organic Week in D.C.

Dubbed Organic Week in Washington by industry insiders, OTA’s signature policymaking event is comprised of three distinctly different days of activity, beginning with a day for members to conduct trade association business, an informative and thought-provoking policy conference, and a final day when members will take the organic message to legislators on Capitol Hill during hundreds [...]

Organic newsmakers to keynote at OTA Policy Conference

The agenda for OTA’s Policy Conference is taking shape. The lineup of keynote policymakers includes: Ambassador Darci Vetter, Chief Agricultural Negotiator, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative; Senator Patrick Leahy (one of the original authors of the Organic Foods Production Act),  Senator Jon Tester (a member of the Senate’s Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee, and the only [...]

House Organic Caucus briefing set for #OrganicWeekDC

The House Organic Caucus is a Congressional group that champions organic farmers and consumers by advocating for policies that advance organic. OTA has organized a briefing of this bipartisan council on Monday, April 13, ahead of its annual Policy Conference and Hill Visit Days. If you would like to participate in the briefing to share [...]

Give feedback today to OTA on NOSB comments

USDA is accepting public comments on subcommittee proposals to be discussed at the next National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting in La Jolla, CA, at the San Diego Marriott La Jolla April 27-30. OTA is seeking upfront input from interested members through tomorrow (Wednesday, March 25) so that we may post our draft comments by Tuesday, March [...]

Are you using materials scheduled to Sunset?

With the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) this year reviewing the large majority of fertilizers, pest control products, processing aids and ingredients currently allowed for use by certified organic operations, it’s critical that NOSB hear from certified farmers and handlers prior to its upcoming April NOSB meeting on whether these inputs are consistent with and essential to organic [...]

Dietary guidelines comment period extended

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Matthews Burwell have extended the comment period on the report of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s dietary guidelines for an additional 30 days, until May 8. The original comment period was 45 days. Both agencies have said they want to finish the guidelines [...]

WHO cancer agency calls glyphosate a possible carcinogen

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the cancer agency of the World Health Organization (WHO), has classified the herbicide glyphosate—more commonly known as Roundup—as well as the insecticides malathion and diazinon as probably carcinogenic to humans. In addition, the insecticides tetrachlorvinphos and parathion were classified as possibly carcinogenic to humans. A summary of [...]

Glyphosate is never used in organic production

The Organic Center has reviewed the newly released report from the World Health Organization that assesses the human cancer risk due to glyphosate exposure. The Organic Center notes that while glyphosate, the herbicide used to treat Roundup Ready GMO crops, has been designated as “probably carcinogenic to humans,” organic consumers are unlikely to be exposed [...]

FDA rules GMO apples, potatoes, “safe” for consumption

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday issued a statement concluding that two new varieties of genetically engineered (GE) apples and six varieties of GE potatoes are “as safe an nutritious as their conventional counterparts.” Okanagan’s Granny Smith and Golden Delicious varieties of apples, known by the trade name “Arctic Apples,” are genetically [...]

Maine considers repealing clause delaying GMO labeling

A bill, LD 991 introduced in the Maine State Legislature this past week would amend Maine’s GMO labeling act to require labeling on foods containing GMOs without delay. Maine’s existing Genetically Modified Food Products Labeling Law, adopted by the legislature in late 2013 and signed into law by Maine’s governor in early January 2014, contains [...]