Changes in Washington, D.C.

capitalInauguration Day is a year away, and the upcoming year will see many changes in Washington, D.C., regardless of who wins the Presidency. All of the seats in the House of Representatives, a third of the Senate, and the Presidency are all up for election. Regardless of who wins the political contests, we are likely to also see changes in the political and career staff making policy decisions in the Department of Agriculture and on the Hill. Stay involved with your trade association to continue to educate and develop relationships with the decision-makers in D.C. throughout the year, and especially by joining us for OTA’s Policy Conference, which will be part of OTA’s Organic Week in D.C. May 23-27. Check out more details, and register now. Sponsorship opportunities are currently available for both OTA’s Policy Conference & Hill Visit Days and The Organic Center’s Confluences Summit.

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