Citrus task force continues to pursue citrus greening solutions

citrusLast week, OTA’s organic citrus producers and one certifying agent, together representing Texas, California, and Florida, delivered a webinar presentation to USDA’s Animal Plant Health and Inspection Service (APHIS) staff in Raleigh, NC, where the APHIS lead scientists are located. The webinar meeting was the second presentation delivered to APHIS. The meeting was designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of an NOP-compliant treatment protocol for citrus greening, review the latest research supporting organic methods, and discuss the need for accepting an organic protocol nationwide. As emphasized in the meeting, the management techniques used by organic growers are proving to be very effective, and offer a tremendous opportunity for citrus growers, both organic and conventional. Review and support from APHIS would be significant, and would not only provide critical support to growers everywhere, but particularly in California where organic citrus growers are facing the threat of state or district mandatory treatments without an organic option. Moving forward, OTA’s Task Force will continue to engage APHIS, NOP, and other federal and state officials while elevating discussions with researchers and scientists to gain acceptance of organic protocols nationwide.


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