Congress tasked with funding government before break

capitalWith government funding set to expire December 11, Congress must pass either an omnibus or a continuing resolution (CR) before then to prevent a government shutdown. Sometimes, Congress attaches “policy riders” to funding bills—pieces of unrelated policy that can be included without losing too much support to preclude passage of the funding bill. Two potential agriculture-related riders center on the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule and GMO labeling. The potential GMO riders being considered are NOT the same as the Pompeo legislation that passed the House in July. OTA does not favor any of the riders it has heard about, but calls for the passage of a law (in regular legislative order) that would mandate federal GMO labeling. We hear that the likelihood of a GMO labeling rider being attached to this month’s funding mechanism is slim, but we continue to have near-daily discussions with Senators and their senior staff who are engaged in these debates. We are monitoring this issue, and will continue to advocate for mandatory federal GMO labeling including on-package disclosure. Questions? Contact OTA’s Marni Karlin.

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