Farmers Advisory Council determines 2014-2015 priorities

In their summer conference call, OTA’s Farmer Advisory Council (FAC) members discussed accomplishments from the past year and provided the outline for their 2014-2015 work plan. Convening producers and end-users of organic grain to address the ongoing shortage of domestic organic grain supplies remains a high priority as does staying abreast of ongoing regulatory issues including the Food Safety Modernization Act and upcoming animal welfare and ‘origin of livestock’ rule-making from USDA. The council also identified the need to support harmonization of how USDA oversees the material review process for inputs used in organic production, providing meaningful access to land for beginning and transitioning farmers, and addressing contamination issues faced by organic producers, particularly from herbicide residues.  These priorities provide the outline for FAC’s 2014-2015 work plan, which will include conference calls, in-person meetings, and listening sessions at regional organic farming events.

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