Feedback sought on Non-GMO Project Standard

feedbackThe Non-GMO Project is currently accepting comments on the Non-GMO Project Standard (Version 11). The 60-day comment period will close end at the close of business this Friday, Sept. 5. As stated in OTA’s Position on “Non-GMO” Labeling of NOP Certified Products, OTA believes that third-party certification under USDA NOP is sufficient to substantiate a claim that a product is non-GMO. OTA supports the position that organic products do not need additional third-party verification to support claims regarding the absence of GMOs. However, OTA also recognizes that each company may choose to seek out additional voluntary third party non-GMO verification. Review of both the Non-GMO Project standards and USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) standards reveals substantial overlap between the non-GMO requirements. Thus, OTA is drafting comments with the goal of reducing duplicative efforts. OTA is requesting that Non-GMO Project honor the strict requirements of the organic regulations and the rigorous certification process enforced by USDA, build off the work that certified organic companies are already doing, and accept the NOP certificate as supporting documentation for all traceability and segregation requirements. Please review our draft comments and share your thoughts. OTA also encourages members to support our comments and weigh in through the Non-GMO Project’s website. Contact Gwendolyn Wyard with questions.

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