Government funding dance continues

CongressLast Friday, Congress passed a continuing resolution, ensuring that the federal government remains funded through Wednesday, December 16, while Congress works out the final details of an omnibus bill funding the government for a longer period of time. It appears that Congress will not finish its work on the omnibus in time for a vote tomorrow, which means it will again pass another continuing resolution, buying a few more days before passing a funding bill before Christmas.  It is still not clear whether any language regarding labeling of foods containing GMOs will be in that funding bill. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), the Ranking Member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, has said that she does not intend to deal with that issue until January, but the coalition in favor of preemption has not yet stopped advocating for the inclusion of a rider in the omnibus. OTA continues to be in regular contact with senior members of the Agriculture and Appropriations Committees to ensure they understand that OTA does not support the inclusion of a preemption rider in the omnibus. Contact Marni Karlin with any questions.

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