House passes a farm bill without the nutrition title

house of representativesLast Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a farm bill by a vote of 216-208.  No Democrats supported the bill, and 12 Republicans voted against it. The bill mirrored the bill passed by the House Agriculture Committee in May, along with all of the amendments that passed on the floor of the House in June – but without the nutrition title, and included provisions that repeal the 1938 and 1949 permanent law provisions and make the 2013 Title I permanent law going forward.  (If this becomes law, it would mean it was permanent law, and there would never need to be another reauthorization of agriculture provisions – Congress could consider them again, but would never face a deadline requiring their reauthorization.) There are a number of options for the path forward.  For more information as well as the status of organic programs going forward, check OTA’s Farm Bill pages in the Public Policy Section of its website, or contact Marni Karlin, Director of Legislative and Legal Affairs.


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