Member feedback sought on NOSB proposals

NOSB CommentsThe comment period for the NOSB April 25-27 meeting in Washington, D.C. is now open and the deadline to submit comments is April 14. As a service to our members, we have created a 7-page summary document that describes all of the agenda topics that will be discussed and/or voted on at the in-person meeting. In addition to the general agenda topics, NOSB is also requesting feedback on the 2018 Sunset Review inputs. Several critical production and handling inputs will be reviewed and voted on based on their 2018 Sunset (renewal) timeline, and may not be renewed if new information indicates these substances are incompatible with organic production. Read OTA’s summary of the 2018 Sunset Inputs.  It’s critical that organic stakeholders provide NOSB with feedback on the 2018 Sunset Review process. To help facilitate the comment process, OTA has created a survey system for collecting feedback from certified farms and processors. OTA’s summary documents and all other meeting materials can be found on OTA’s NOSB meeting page.  Contact Gwendolyn Wyard if you have questions.

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