OTA to petition the National List

OTA is requesting membership support for filing two petitions to the National Organic Program (NOP). Both petitions would amend the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances for organic production and handling. The first petition is to revise the current allowance of Natural Flavors in organic processed products to require organic forms when commercially available. The second petition is for the removal of Lignin Sulfonate from the National List as an allowed flotation agent in post-harvest handling. The National List was created to allow essential synthetic and non-organic substances when commercially viable natural or organic alternatives are not available. OTA believes that alternatives are available for both materials named. It is time we proactively lead an effort to reflect this change through the National List petition process. Your feedback and support are critical. Please look for a dedicated News Flash tomorrow that will further explain the details of our proposed petitions and request for member support. Contact Gwendolyn Wyard, OTA’s Regulatory Director of Organic Standards and Food Safety, if you have any immediate questions.

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