President Obama releases FY 2017 Budget

whitehouse_picture_lawnPresident Obama has released a $4 trillion budget for FY 2017, including total mandatory spending of $130 billion for USDA and $23.4 billion in discretionary funding for the agency. Within those numbers is a $9.094 million request for USDA’s National Organic Program, up modestly from $9.020 million last year. Also included are increased requests for research funding to $30 million (up from $24.7 million) for the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program; $1.4 billion (up from $1.3 billion) for the National Institute of Food and Agriculture; $700 million (up from $350 million) for the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative; and $20 million (up from $19 million) for the Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative. The President’s budget also requests $1.9 billion for the Conservation Reserve Program. OTA’s Government Affairs team will make a request to congressional appropriators to fully fund the suite of organic priorities early next month.

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