USDA renews seven substances after Sunset Review

USDAUSDA published a Federal Register notice today, effective Sept. 12, 2016, that renews five synthetic and two non-synthetic substances for continued use in organic food production. USDA’s National Organic Program has accepted NOSB’s recommendation to renew the seven substances, thus completing their 2016 Sunset Review and keeping them on the National List. Substances include ferric phosphate (for use as a slug or snail bait), hydrogen chloride (in seed preparations for delinting cotton seed for planting), activated charcoal (only from vegetative sources, for use as a filtering aid), peracetic acid/peroxyacetic acid (for use in wash and/or rinse water, for use as a sanitizer on food contact surfaces), sodium acid pyrophosphate (for use as a leavening agent), L-malic acid (non-synthetic), and microorganisms  (non-synthetic, any food-grade bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms). OTA continues to be active in the comment process that influences changes to the National List. Please note that NOSB is beginning its review of the National List inputs scheduled to Sunset in 2018. OTA is once again creating a survey system for collecting feedback from certified farms and processors that will be shared with NOSB. Please look for this information next week. Contact Gwendolyn Wyard if you have any questions.

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