Suggestions sought for additional organic trade codes

exportThe U.S. International Trade Commission’s Office of Tariff Affairs and Trade Agreements is currently accepting request submissions for additions to the Harmonized Tariff System. Currentlythere are 35 import and 26 export codes for organic products. Those codes can be viewed online (Note: use the CTRL+F function to search for a particular product by name). OTA is asking its members for input on what organic items we should submit for consideration.  Submissions must be detailed, and not all will be accepted by the Office of Tariff Affairs and Trade Commission. Minimum qualifications include at least $1 million of international trade, with at least three entities trading that good. If you have suggestions on which codes OTA should prepare submissions for, contact Monique Marez, OTA’s Senior International Trade Manager, before July 18. More information is posted on OTA’s website.

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