Task Force to look at organic sugar quotas

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced the specialty sugar quota for Fiscal Year 2018 allowing 160,000 Metric Tons overall to enter the United States. This amount is then broken down into four tranches. The first tranche, totaling 1,825 STRV (1,656 MTRV), will open Oct. 2, 2017. The second, third, fourth, and fifth tranches will be reserved for organic sugar and other specialty sugars not currently produced commercially in the United States or reasonably available from domestic sources.  The second tranche of 52,911 STRV (48,000 MTRV) will open on Oct. 18, 2017.  The third tranche of 52,911 STRV (48,000 MTRV) will open on Jan. 23, 2018. The fourth and fifth tranches, both of 35,274 STRV (32,000 MTRV), will open on April 17, 2018, and July 17, 2018, respectively. The Organic Trade Association Sugar Supply Task Force represents the major organic sugar importers, distributors and larger end users of organic sugar in the United States. This task force will decide on and implement a strategy to either raise the U.S. tariff rate quota for organic sugar, create an organic Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ), or implement both options, if they are compatible. If you would like to participate in the task force or learn more, contact Monique Marez.

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