Exciting research gets early news break

twitterAlthough the news from the Newcastle University-led study was scheduled to be released late July 14, an early story appearing in The Guardian July 11 started a rush of media attention. The Organic Center, which had been poised to send out its release late July 14, went ahead to distribute its press release and background material on this ground-breaking study on Friday. Twitter was soon buzzing with news of the nutritional superiority of organic food for several hours following the posting of The Organic Center’s news release. No small feat, #organic was trending on the social media platform for several hours! Links to The Center’s press release and non-technical summary of the study were retweeted and shared by many influential media outlets, healthcare professionals and even food thinkers—from Michael Pollan to Danielle Nierenberg. Tracking shows that links shared through twitter alone led over 1500 people to visit www.organic-center.org to learn more.


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