Impressive coverage of organic’s nutritional benefits

newspaperPress coverage of the recent study led by Newcastle University scientists on the nutritional benefits of food from organically produced crops has been impressive. At last count, the outreach of the media who did their own stories on the study, or picked up one of the releases on it—a press release from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, a press release from Washington State University, and a press release from The Organic Center—totaled 370 million in circulation/views and over 2,000 in social media shares. The story was carried in the A section of The New York Times, featured on NPR and BBC, covered in the LA Times, Bloomberg, Shape Magazine, Rodale and much more. It was a very successful coordinated public relations effort by Newcastle, Washington State, Organic Valley, OTA and The Organic Center. A special thanks goes to Jessica Shade, Director of Science Programs for The Organic Center, for taking media interviews and keeping in touch with stakeholders from OTA and The Organic Center during a family vacation in Michigan.

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