Nominate organic leaders, game changers, and innovators

LeadershipAwardOTA is now accepting nominations for its annual prestigious Organic Leadership Awards, which recognize organic individuals who have made a significant difference to organic agriculture, industry and trade. For 2016, the Award categories are Growing the Organic Industry, Organic Farmer of the Year, and Rising Star. Think about the movers and shakers, the well-known and the unsung, and those who are playing an instrumental role in the organic sector. Nominees must have demonstrated skills, innovation, personal commitment, leadership and vision to grow organic agriculture or the organic sector. In addition, they must have achieved identifiable and lasting changes to promote and protect organic agriculture and trade, and have inspired others to advance the cause as well. The awards will be presented in the fall at OTA’s Annual Awards Celebration during Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore. All nominations and letters of endorsement are due in April. For more information, contact Tessa Young.

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