Manure Safety Discussion Session at EcoFarm

ManureAt this week’s EcoFarm, The Organic Center and OTA will be holding a Manure Safety Discussion Session in collaboration with the University of California, Davis. This discussion group will address the challenges associated with manure and animal rotational grazing, and will be part of a national effort to address issues surrounding animal-based soil amendments and animal rotational grazing. Listening sessions will be conducted regionally, with the results being gathered in a white-paper that will inform a long-term research plan addressing the most pressing needs of the organic community.  We encourage you to attend the session this Thursday January 21, 10:30 a.m. to noon in the Pirate’s Den room at the Asilomar Conference Grounds to share your thoughts and knowledge about research needs for and current use of manure in organic farming. Check out OTA’s calendar of events for more details.

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