Organic Caucus briefing on organic research

The Organic Center and the Organic Trade Association today gave a joint briefing to Congress covering emerging science on organic issues and organic food and farming research needs. The briefing included details about the recent nutritional study led by Newcastle University as well as research concerning citrus greening. The briefing looked at the mechanisms behind the nutritional benefits of organic as well as the integrity of the methods used by the researchers at Newcastle University in the meta-analysis. Meanwhile, research needs are more pressing than ever, especially for solutions to diseases and invasive pests. Citrus greening is one issue affecting both organic and conventional farmers, and thus far there are no cures. Presented were The Organic Center’s research efforts in this regard, including its crowdfunding campaign. Organic solutions will be useful not only to organic citrus growers, but also to conventional growers, because they will ensure long-term control by incorporating diverse control strategies and maintaining a healthy population of natural predators. Overall, the briefing was successful, with participants engaged and showing interest.

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