Spreading the story to fight citrus greening

citrus greeningA segment today on NPR entitled “The ‘Greening’ of Florida Citrus Means Less Green in Growers’ Pockets” highlights the scourge of citrus greening, which has affected nearly every orange grove in Florida. Included are comments from Matt McLean of OTA member Uncle Matt’s Organic. Meanwhile, USA Today on Aug. 24 picked up the story in an article entitled “Invasive insect threatens iconic Florida citrus.” The Organic Center has kicked off a major multi-year study and fundraising campaign to find organic solutions to ward off citrus greening and help organic citrus growers fight the deadly disease without resorting to dangerous chemicals or genetic engineering. The Center has an ongoing drive to raise $310,000 for the three-year study, using its presence on social media to spread the message. For the first time in its history, The Organic Center is inviting individuals to help the effort by donations through crowdfunding.

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